Patriot Network RELEASED

On July 4th, 2020 – INDEPENDENCE DAY!

The Patriot Network Released

Dear Friends, Colleagues and fellow Patriots,

The time has finally come to see what the Patriot Network is all about.

Addressing People’s Concerns

It was over a year ago when my colleagues and I decided it was time to construct a new social network, designed for people who cherish freedom of speech and the liberty of expression, just as much as keeping their information private. Most people I know have noticed that especially in recent times, the social network infrastructure has utterly changed from what it used to be. The major players such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are now openly censoring content that is not in alignment with their far left ideologies. This is not a political statement, but a fact. People and groups with opposing views are being shadow banned, their content censored or their accounts entirely terminated. It happened to me as well. I started a Facebook page to promote a documentary film I had produced. As the film was addressing Clandestine Operations that are impacting our lives and health dramatically, the page grew on its own into a message board, where people discussed news and covering the events the main stream media was trying to cover up.

Meanwhile my page had accumulated close to 100,000 followers almost entirely organic, with virtually no paid ads. People were interested and wanted to know more about what the main stream media failed to report. With around 2,000,000 views per week at its peak, the “Facebook Thought Police” became aware of the site. My Facebook Page was immediately shadow banned. This means, that without knowledge of the owner, the site will be put into a cyber gulag, were no one can actually see what you are posting. The viewing average went from 2,000,000 a week to 200 a week. Yes, you read this right! This is what “Shadow Banning” does to your content. People simply didn’t see my posts anymore. After my page went to 0.01% of its original exposure, they still weren’t satisfied. After I tried to get around their censorship, they not just terminated my page but also my personal account.  This type of censorship is becoming the new “normal” where so called “Independent Fact Checkers” tell you what YOUR reality is supposed to look like and what you supposed to see and believe.

If this is news to you and you never heard of such a thing, that’s because they have done their job to keep this knowledge from surfacing to the general population.

We at the Patriot Network believe this is not what social media is all about. Social Media is about exchanging ideas, information and connecting with like minded people. We understand there is a line that must be drawn, because there are some highly “unbalanced individuals” out there, who also have access to the internet and a computer. This being said, we do not condone nor allow calls to violence and also have protective layers installed to combat cyber bullying. We do not condone the selling of illegal substances or display of pornography. And if you do see behavior that is highly suspicious, you are free to click that “report” button at any time. We will investigate and take preventive measures, if the concern is founded on evidence.  We want you to have fun and enjoy the online social experience, but we also know there are individuals who shouldn’t have access to such a platform. This being said, individuals who violate the terms of usage policy multiple times, find themselves locked out.

Believe in your Dreams

Now that we have all that negative material addressed that might worry you, let’s talk about the wonderful and exciting features you are about to access on the Patriot Network. Another reason why we built this wonderful platform; to provide you with tools that lift the human spirit and encourage to build, plan and follow your dreams. What could be more rewarding than chasing after what you love and desire the most? That is why we integrated the “Dream-building” Module, split into two sections.

1) Your Bucket List Section. Here is where you build your dreams. Spend some time and truly ponder over what you want to accomplish in your life. The very elaborate menus will accompany you to write everything down and describe your dreams with images. Also, when you have accomplished an Item in your Bucket List, you will be able to mark it off as completed and tell your community about the whole experience. You can go as far as post videos of your experience and share it with your friends.

2) Your Talent Section.  While you do have dreams and some of them may seem out of reach, you never know if someone is out there who needs EXACTLY someone like you, with your specific talents. Someone who is willing to make a trade and help you getting closer or even accomplishing your dream in exchange for your services. Or simply because you are looking for a career, using your talents.

It happened to me. I did accomplish my childhood dream when I met a person who was frantically looking for someone who could help him with his particular challenge. He hired me and after I helped my client to accomplish his goal, he in return played an instrumental role in fulfilling my childhood dream. Win/Win deals are at its finest when you see them in action. And this happened way before the Internet was available. Now imagine the possibilities with the Patriot Network released and millions of people online.

The human Spirit is Alive and Well!

Even though the current affairs and tense environment we are living in today, are often unpleasant, I honestly hope you haven’t given up on the power of the human spirit.

Let me assure you, there is much you can contribute to make the world a better place. That is another reason why we’ve created this network. We know how important it is to start balancing out the negative downward spiral. Our mission is to create a community that reinforces the good that we know does exist in human kind.

Our lives have significantly changed since the electronic revolution and too many people with bad intentions are at the helm. That is why we would love your assistance in creating some balance.

You, as our Beta-Testers are not just able to test out the online features and network environment, but also you are our first Responders, assisting us in creating what people want. Members who seek a pleasant online experience.

Getting Started

Now, after we have all the philosophical points out of the way, here are some technical details that will assist you in navigating this elaborate Patriot Network released to the public.

First, we built it around a framework that will look very familiar to you. This way you will feel immediately “home” at the Patriot Network. While there are distinctive differences from what you are accustomed to, navigating the network will come natural to you.



One of the most important features that you, as a Beta Tester will have available, is located in the footer under “FAQ’s” – if and when you do have any questions, This is where you post them


If you notice something not functioning, we have a Forum Page established, were you post your comments as well as look for solutions. Naturally, in the beginning it will be still empty, as we are just getting started. But as we move along, more and more Questions & Answers will be posted. This will assist us in solving issues that are still prevalent in the early release and guarantee you, as the network member, a more pleasant online experience.


Also in the footer is a “Contact” tab. As you know, it is virtually impossible to get anyone at the main stream social networks to respond or to contact an actual human being. We want to change that. However, we want to strongly encourage you to use the FAQ’s and our Forum page as much as possible and only as a last resort, when absolutely necessary to send us an email. Please remember, the more emails we receive, the longer the response time will be, as we are still only a small crew.

We are committed to run the Beta Test as long as it takes to get it perfect. Of course, the faster we accomplish this goal the better.

Now that you have a bit of an overview of what the Patriot Network represents and our future goals, all you need to do is follow the simple instructions you have received in the email to login and get started by creating your profile. If you sign up after July 3rd, you will be able to do so directly at But remember, first come first serve. That applies to things such as personalized url’s all the way through hitting the 5,000 membership mark. Which at this point we will have to stop taking on new memberships until our Beta-Testing is concluded.

After signing up, you will “stumble” across many “unexpected treats” we have hidden inside the network. We wish you happy treasure hunting. Not to spoil the “hunt” but to give you some clues; among them are the ability to design your very own custom look for your page, if you have some html capabilities. Not to worry though if you don’t. I am sure you love the looks we have ready for people who aren’t “Propeller Heads.”

You also find an additional Business Section, which is specifically designed to promote your business and offers a multitude of marketing tools.

I could go on and on what you are about to experience, yet I am sure you are about to discover it all on your own.

As for me, I am excited to share this new online adventure with you and hope to find all my friends, colleagues, buddies and acquaintances, which I have many all over the world, united on the Patriot Network. Look me up, when you get a chance.

Sincerely Yours,

Walter Schmidt

Senior Executive Officer, Media Production

ThriveFactor, INC.

Important Update:

We are only days away from releasing our Android & iOS mobile apps. Meanwhile, we recommend you are using a desktop to view and sign up.