Patriot Network Features


  • We connect people on a social network that is respecting our member’s right to privacy and their right to freedom of speech. Everyone has a voice at the Patriot Network and sign up is free.
  • The feature rich environment at the Patriot Network is providing our members a vast amount of built-in components enriching the online experience. Also the features you came to appreciate from your current social media account, such as your timeline, chat, mail, photo albums, check-ins and the ability to like posts are all inclusive.


The Patriot Network business model has been designed understanding human nature and its propensity to have difficulty with sustained movement towards the accomplishment of our goals.  The business model centers around our brand new Social Media Platform. It not only has been designed to provide each member with the convenience and professionalism people expect today, but furthermore is offering highly valuable subscription based programs.

  • The Patriot Network offers subscriptions to an ever-growing Knowledge Library, covering many important topics; from healthy lifestyle choices to personal development courses and much more.
  • The embedded YouTube / Vimeo channel will offer up-to-date information on trending topics.
  • Various Subscription levels will offer online access to our critical Documentary Films, covering environmental and geopolitical issues.

“Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way.” ~ Abraham Lincoln


The Patriot Network management in cooperation with the ThriveFactor Inc. thought-leaders are attracting special individuals who will talk about how to build your business or assist with personal development.

Objective of the Life Coach Dream Building Panel: To enrich the lives and possibilities of the Patriot Network membership by providing access to qualified coaches in a variety of specializations that can help lead discussions & interest groups, as well as ask the powerful questions that bring our members into awareness and action.  The Patriot Network aims to enhance people’s lives and aid our members in focusing on what matters most to them, and work toward rebuilding their belief system into creating a life of meaning rather than a life of mere existence.


Attractive. Engaging. User-Friendly.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the features we can offer. As we continue to develop the site, more features will be added. Here are some features we will have available right from the start:

Advanced Timeline with integration of other Social Network Feeds. Users will never have to leave the network to view and respond feeds from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts.

  • Enhanced Member Profile Features
  • Content Management
  • Activity Feeds
  • Search & Browse
  • Invite Friends
  • Like Feature
  • Geotagging
  • Photo Albums
  • Blogs
  • Multi Language Support
  • FAQ Section for common questions
  • Network Stats Insights
  • and much more