About Us

We build social media as it was meant to be

A creative social media platform for people like you

Our Mission

To enrich the lives and possibilities of the Patriot Network membership by providing access to qualified coaches in a variety of specializations that can help lead interest groups, as well as ask the powerful questions that bring our members into awareness and action. The Patriot Network aims to enhance people’s lives and aid our members in focusing on what matters most to them, and work toward rebuilding their belief system into creating a life of meaning rather than a life of mere existence. THE PATRIOT NETWORK: SOCIAL MEDIA AS IT WAS MEANT TO BE

Premium Business

Enabling clients to easily and intuitively configure the various components of their businesses and manage it.

Full Stack Development

Built on incredible performance and reliability

Mobile Apps

Easy-to-use IOS and Android interface that enables quick and simple task management

"The consideration and attention to detail paid by the entire crew at the Patriot Network is truly best in class. It does not surprise me that this Social Network is drawing real attention."
Karen G.